I hold a teaching certificate from the European University Institute (EUI), which includes a training program with workshops on course design, university teaching and learning strategies, methods of student assessment and group discussion moderation.

In the context of this certificate, I also taught a course on "International Organizations" at the London School of Economics (LSE) in March 2016.

Leiden University

- Introduction to International Organizations (lecture), B.Sc. International Relations and Organizations (Campus Den Haag)
- International Organizations in Times of Rising Nationalism (seminar), M.Sc. International Politics
- The Contestation of International Authority (seminar), M.Sc. International Politics
- Playing with the Enemy. Studying the impact of arts-based peacebuilding (seminar), B.Sc. Political Science (3rd year)
- Introduction to European Union Politics (lecture), B.Sc. International Relations and Organizations (Campus Den Haag)
- Thesis Seminar "International Organizations" (supervision), M.Sc. International Politics

Syllabi available upon request

Ruhr University Bochum

NOHA Master Programme on Humanitarian Action (2016-2017)

- Humanity going global? Leadership in Humanitarian Action (seminar), MA 2nd semester
- Research Standards (seminar), MA 2nd semester
- World Politics: International Organizations, Peace and Security (seminar), MA 2nd semester

Syllabi available upon request

Free University Berlin, Germany

WS 2010/2011: "Legalization in International Relations"
    (Verrechtlichung in den Internationalen Beziehungen)
    BA 1st-6th Semester
Syllabus available upon request